Make Italian Style Pizza Like a Pro

Posted by Nads on August 17, 2013

prosciutto, arugula and strecchino pizza

Can you believe I cooked this at home in my BBQ?  Yes, you read this correctly.  This was cooked in my backyard on my home BBQ with store bought dough!  I love Italian style pizza, and I often throw a couple together to serve as appetizers.  They are quick, inexpensive and always impress.  I’m always tinkering with different techniques to get that perfect crust and this time I came across a real winner.  My secret? Great ingredients, my BBQ and an awesome find, my new Lagostina cast-iron baking sheet.  The big challenge with trying to get that perfect crust is all about heat.  Most ovens don’t heat above 500 degrees, but I noticed my BBQ heats up to 700 easily.  I’ve been thinking about making pizza in it for awhile but I needed the right surface to bake on.  I found the perfect item at my local Canadian Tire last Saturday for a steal.  I’ve read about these cast iron trays but they come at a pretty hefty price tag – usually 150 bucks +.  Canadian Tire often has their kitchen stuff on sale and I got this puppy at 70% off for $44.00.  I actually bought two so they can fit side by side on the BBQ and I can make two fresh pies, perfect for any dinner party.  The other secret is to pre-heat the sheet for awhile, making the surface perfectly hot so the pizza can bake quickly.  It works like a dream.  Last hint?  Season the crust lightly, and let it bake until it’s almost done before you place your toppings on.  Here’s my recipe for this Prosciutto, Arugula and Strecchino Pizza.  It’s super easy and so delicious you’ll be blown away.

Last hint: Strecchino is an Italian soft cheese that tastes like the interior of an authentic Buratta and is super oozy and gooey.  It’s pure heaven and usually pretty hard to find but a local company, Bella Cucina started making it in Woodbridge and you can now find it at Longo’s and Loblaw’s.

Prosciutto, Strecchino and Arugula Pizza

1 store bought pizza dough (I get mine at a local bakery, usually it’s a bit better than supermarket)

good quality olive oil, flake salt, pepper

dried rosemary and sage powders

1 package prosciutto

1 package organic arugula, dressed with salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

1 package strecchino cheese (you can use buffalo mozzarella or buratta as well)

1. Pre-heat BBQ and pan to roughly 650 degrees.  I like to place my pan on some tin foil to protect the enamel coating from turning black.

2. Using your hands, stretch out pizza dough roughly to the size of the baking sheet.  Place on parchment paper.

3. Roughly season dough with olive oil, salt and pepper and herbs.

4. Bake for about 10-15 mins.

5. Remove from heat and spread on cheese, layer over prosciuttio and then heap arugula salad in the middle.

DONE!  Gorgeous, don’t you think? And so, so, tasty.  Enjoy!








3 Responses to “Make Italian Style Pizza Like a Pro”

  1. Yum! Will have to try this! It looks so delicious.

  2. This is clearly a work of art. It looks delicious. I am trying to live a gluten free life (not always doable) but I love this idea. Thanks for the BBQ suggestion. I think I’ll get my husband to try it.

  3. Hannah Teej says:

    Oh my. This even looks like the pizza you can buy in tiny restaurants down the back streets in Naples. Love it. We don’t have a bbq, so maybe I’ll have to persuade my significant other to build a pizza oven in the back garden!


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