Kerri’s Wicked Halloween

Posted by Dani on October 25, 2011

My friend Kerri is an amazing Halloween stylist. It’s always great to go into her house this time of year for a little dose of spookiness. One thing I admire is that she always manages to get her decorating done early so that she can enjoy the fruit of her efforts for a while (something I swear I will do differently each year as I am digging out the decorations at the last minute!). She creates these great little Halloween vignettes throughout her home – there is something to surprise you everywhere you look. The best thing about Kerri is that she has lots of fun with it – nothing’s too serious, and that’s what holiday decorating is supposed to be about.

Check out the huge spider perched on Kerri’s dining room light fixture.  The spiral pattern on the fixture makes a gorgeous web pattern on the ceiling.

Here is a shot of Kerri’s decorated picture ledge.  White glass vases look ghostly when lit from the inside, and the black flowers are a great finishing touch.

And look at this little critter crawling underneath:

Doesn’t every home need 3 blind mice?

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