Kick A$$-Better Than Eggnog Adult Holiday Milkshakes

Posted by Nads on December 24, 2013


excellent adult milkshake

Your guests will LOVE you.

Seriously, if you are the least bit lonely DON’T give anyone this recipe.  Everyone will come.  Your place will be packed on weekends.  Girlfriends will demand a girls night.  Neighbors will demand a poker night.  People will demand a recipe.  This is a serious trade secret.  Awesome yummy delectable delicious boozy swooney packs a punch tasty gourmet style milkshake.

Can you repeat that 5 times?


Here’s my secret recipe, inspired by David Chang’s ‘fancy milkshake’ recipe from Milk Bar in Brooklyn which I still regularly dream about.  My recipe, deconstructed and oh so good good good.  I love you Frangelico.


Nadia’s Riff on Momo Fancy Shake’s (for2)

2 scoops high quality vanilla ice cream (I use a salted caramel vanilla for extra flavor)

2 cups 1% milk

3/4 cup ice

3/4 brewed espresso

4 shots Frangelico

2 shots brandy/cognac


MIX!!! On high speed in your Vitamix to get lots of foam and aereate your milk.











4 Responses to “Kick A$$-Better Than Eggnog Adult Holiday Milkshakes”

  1. Oh my! I am going to try this for sure.

    In fact, I’ll give it my twist (wink).

    Thanks for linking up with us.

  2. Rorybore says:

    Now we’re talking!!
    makes my smoothies look boring – ha!
    And I LOVE frangelico – it’s hard to find good recipes that use it.

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