The Knitting Secret You Need To Know

Posted by Dani on February 24, 2013

Have you ever wanted to knit something fabulous? How about easy and fabulous? And how about quick, easy, and fabulous? Read on for the only knitting secret you need to know.

My youngest took on a huge knitting project this Christmas. She decided, on her own, to knit presents for everyone – her sister, me, my sister Nads, my mom and her best friend, and 2 friends from school. That’s 7 presents in all. She chose to make cowls – cute, functional, and trendy. And she whipped them off in no time – with very little previous knitting experience. That’s because she knows the family knitting secret.

We basically went to a yarn tent sale and bought a giant bag of yarn, and she just went at it. Have a look at how cute they turned out. These are pattern-less projects, because Isabel likes to free-form. She would just cast on between 20 and 30 stiches, and knit away until she felt it was long enough, and then sew the ends together to make a cowl. Gorgeous, easy and fast – the perfect project for a beginning knitter fashionista.

So here goes… ready for the family knitting secret? Here it is:

Big needles! Big needles!

That’s it. Get yourself some big needles. And some fluffy wool. If the wool isn’t thick enough, just double it. And if you double it, you can combine two different wools to get a unique look. You can’t go wrong. Here, Isabel used 15 mm needles but we have often used up to 20. It was all done in stocking stitch, but it doesn’t matter – knitting or purling, it all looks great.

This is the one she made for me. Adorable, non?

And it also looks great as a shrug, or doubled around my neck. I have been wearing it non-stop.

Our knitting projects are fast and very forgiving. Isabel probably has lots of dropped stitches in these cowls, but you’d never know. Now this technique wouldn’t work with finer projects, but soft fluffy things work really well. And the satisfaction is immediate, since you knit up large amounts in one sitting. I don’t think I’d ever bother with anything that required small needles again.

So there you go. The secret is out. I predict many warm and beautiful scarves and cowls in your future. Your friends will want to get on your gift list. You will become a knitting machine. And your neck will be really warm.

8 Responses to “The Knitting Secret You Need To Know”

  1. Isabel…you go girl!! What an awesome job you did, and homemade gifts are so special.

    Daniela, I’m going to try this…I really am. I can’t knit anything but a square, but I should be able to do this. My daughters will love them too.

    Thank you so much for stopping by Take Six. I’m so glad you did. I am following you now on FB. 🙂

    • Dani says:

      Thanks Tanya! PLEASE try this project – it’s the easiest! Low effort, high impact – basically one long rectangle. Email if you have any questions, Isabel is a cowl pro by now!

  2. I love projects that knit up quickly like that … big needles are definitely the key! Those cowls are all so beautiful! Thanks for linking up to Project Inspire{d}!

  3. Oh your cowls are beautiful!!! I don’t knit but I do have a knitting mother-in-law! I’m going to show her your post – thanks (now fingers crossed she makes me one)!!

  4. Heather says:

    I love these cowls and the colors!! Thanks so much for sharing it at Project Inspired! Hope you can share more of your creativity at tomorrow’s party 8 pm EST it opens! I love knitting with large needles too!

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