Layering Necklaces Part 2

Posted by Dani on November 14, 2011

Here’s another take on the layered necklace look we wrote about last week. These are 2 versatile necklaces that I wear frequently. Both have an extra jump ring about 2 inches from the end that allows me to vary the length. It’s amazing how much this flexibility comes in handy when wearing different necklines. The longer necklace with the diamond pendant is from one of my favourite jewelers, Anne Sportun. I had admired the window displays at her Queen West store for many years and dropped numerous hints around the house, which paid off when my husband surprised me by taking me to her first sample sale and buying me this gorgeous piece.
The daisy necklace was a Winners steal. Insiders tip: always check the red tag items at the Winners jewelry counter. They carry pieces in all price ranges and the markdowns can be significant. I have seen gorgeous and unique jewelry from well-known designers. Generally I tear myself away with great discipline, but this necklace really had my name on it. I like that it brings out my inner “hippy chick”.
I think that while they look great on their own, it adds a little more personal flair when they are worn together. Do you have any pieces you like to mix? Send us a pic that we can share!

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