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Layering Necklaces

Posted by Dani on November 7, 2011

I have a bit of a thing for gold. This probably comes from my Italian background, a culture where it is still common to receive gold jewelry for life’s significant occasions. Although I love my silver jewelry, and I find it easy to buy and to wear, I just feel that there is something more permanent about my gold pieces, and the sentimental part of me loves the idea of handing them down to my girls one day.

One thing I like to do with gold necklaces is to wear them casually and layer them up for a funkier look. Here my daughter wears 2 of her pieces together, and shows that mixing gold, silver and white gold works beautifully. The shorter necklace is a silver Tiffany vintage round lock pendant with gold details that she received for her 16th birthday (a perfect age to receive your first little blue box!). The second necklace was a gift from her “fairy” godmother – a yellow and white gold custom made and engraved magic wand. This was a unique and personal gift that she treasured as a child and still loves to wear. Putting the 2 together creates a different look, a little more casual and fun. Sometimes she mixes one or both of them with trendier beaded leather jewelry. It all seems to work.

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