Leaving Montreal: THE ROUTINE

Posted by Dani on October 10, 2011

Montreal is a fabulous city. This past year, our family was lucky enough to have access to an apartment there that was a short walk to some of its best areas. We were able to spend enough time there to really get to know our way around. Early on, we found we couldn’t leave the city without stopping in at some of our favourite places to stock up on a few “Montreal” goodies to take with us.
Here’s our pick of what you need to pick up before leaving Montreal…

Our first stop is usually Schwartz’s on Rue St. Laurent for some of their famous smoked meats. We take it home and freeze it and pull it out on a day when we’re craving a taste of Montreal. On fresh rye bread with mustard – perfect!


We continue north to Fairmount Bagel on Fairmount Street, a long-standing Montreal bagel institution, where we stock up on enough bagels to fill up the freezer. Fairmount is open 24 hours a day, and they take their bagels seriously. We’re used to Montreal-style bagels now – the local ones just don’t cut it anymore. Love them with cream cheese and raspberry jam!


It seems we can never leave without a stop at our favourite café, Juliette & Chocolat. Specializing in decadent chocolate drinks and desserts, it’s a great place to spoil yourself one last time before leaving the city. Check out our review here.


And just because we can’t help going over-the-top, we pop into Première Moisson, a local bakery chain, for croissants and grilled sandwiches for the road. The huge variety of breads (both savoury and sweet) and delicious baked goods offers something to tempt the whole family. These carbs are worth it!

2 Responses to “Leaving Montreal: THE ROUTINE”

  1. Laydiana says:

    You really did went through all the most ”famous” montreal places to eat 😛 I’ve never been to Juliette et Chocolat yet because I don’t like chocolate that much, do they have other things like pastries? And I LOVEEEE Shwartz!!! Was it packed when you went? xo

  2. Dani says:

    Thanks for your reply, Laydiana! These places for us are quintessential Montreal, so we can’t seem to leave without stopping in. We have often eaten at Schwartz’s for a plate of fatty smoked meat (we usually forget about our diets when we’re there!), and their dining room can be pretty busy. But on our way out of town we often get some smoked meat to go from the take-out counter – we find it’s never too crowded. And we recommend you give Juliette et Chocolate a try. Although they specialize in chocolate, they have some great options for those who are not fans of chocolate, including crepes and ice cream bowls. And don’t forget their white chocolate options! Our recommendation is that you stick to their dessert menu, leaving savoury choices for other great Montreal cafes.

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