When Life Gives You Clementines

Posted by Dani on February 19, 2014

clementine juice
Pull out the juicer and make juice!

Do you ever have old, dried-looking citrus fruit that’s been sitting around too long? Ever thought of juicing it?

use old clementines to make juice

I did that the other day instead of tossing some old clementines like I usually do. They looked a little too rough around the edges to eat. This is not unusual in my house. I like to buy lots of fruit for the kids to eat, and far too much of it sits around until it’s not really fresh enough anymore. At least for my picky kids.


It’s always been a struggle to get them to eat enough fruit. They’ll eat it if I cut it up and hand it to them on a plate. But pull it out of the fridge themselves? Not so much. It was actually eye opening a year or so ago when we had our Italian exchange student Elena staying with us. When she wanted a snack, she would happily go looking for fruit. When my girls want a snack, they tend to fish around the cracker and cookie cupboard. Obviously this is one parenting area where I’ve missed the boat.

old clementine

On top of that, I really hate all the waste. So before I tossed the clementines, I cut one open to check it out. On the outside it looked dried out, and was definitely past the point where it could easily be peeled. But inside it was gorgeous! Bright orange and juicy, it was just begging to be squeezed for juice. So I hauled out the juicer, and soon my youngest and I were enjoying 2 glasses of the nicest juice I’ve had in a long time.

Try it out next time you have some citrus fruit around to spare. It’s a nice way to “squeeze” a little more out of your old fruit.

clementine juice in a glass

One Response to “When Life Gives You Clementines”

  1. Tara says:

    I’ve never made fresh orange juice! I know! I’ve made lemonade, but never a full glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

    I’ll have to get on that!

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