Why We Love Lorelai and Rory

Posted by Dani on January 19, 2012

These days we’re bonding over the Gilmour Girls. Tonight the girls and I ditched the dinner dishes and the homework, raced to snuggle into the new flannel sheets in my bed, thumbed our noses at the freezing temperatures outside, and turned on our current favourite show. Just what the doctor ordered on a cold Canadian night.

We are not a big TV family. But one thing we love is to find shows we all want to watch together. The trick is to find the right show for the crowd. Arrested Development and 30 Rock were perfect for me and my oldest and our dry sense of humour. The whole family had a great time watching Community this summer. And now we finally have a show just for me and my girls.

It was my oldest who had seen a few episodes and decided it was perfect to share, and we were charmed only a few minutes into Episode 1. It’s the story of Lorelai and Rory Gilmour, who share a unique mother daughter bond. The series takes a heartwarming look at family and friends and the ties that bind, with wacky characters and clever banter that make it fun to watch. What I especially love about watching Gilmour Girls is that it always puts us in a great mood afterwards.

For those of you with daughters, why don’t you give this series a try on your next girl’s night? Make some popcorn, get into your jammies, and cuddle up together. We’re still on the first season. The three of us all have a little crush on Luke who owns the coffee shop and we’re hoping he gets together with Lorelai. But not too soon ‘cause the inevitable breakup would crush us!

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