Lovely Luxemburgerli

Posted by Dani on January 13, 2012

While flying through Zurich last year, my husband stumbled across these exquisite Swiss gems and surprised us with a box. They have since become one of our absolutely favourite desserts in the world. The hubby has been back once more since then so we were able to get another taste of the delicate Luxemburgerli.  Luckily, this time he wised up and brought us a box each.  Being the smart cookie that he is, I got the bigger “mom” box and each of the girls got sweet little “daughter” boxes of their own.

They have been made for over 50 years at the Confiserie Sprüngli in the heart of Zurich. The charming name means “little Luxembourger” and originated with the original baker, Camille Studer, who first developed the recipe in Luxembourg. Similar to a miniature French macaron, the top and bottom domes are smooth and light, and sandwich a delectable cream filling. The flavours are sweet but not too-sweet, and range from Bourbon vanilla and champagne deluxe to raspberry, lemon and pistachio. Made with natural ingredients and free from artificial colours and preservatives, they are almost worth a detour through Switzerland on your next trip to Europe! Luckily, Sprüngli has a location in the Zurich airport, so hit up any traveller friend you know to pick you up a dozen (or two!).

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