Loving Minted: A Gift Roundup

Posted by Dani on November 19, 2013

personalized photo gift tag
I’ve got holiday shopping on my mind these days, and I’ve learned to avoid the big malls as much as possible. Just the sight of the overfilled parking lots is enough to scare me away. I like to hit up local craft fairs, and hunt for some unique finds in my favourite vintage stores. And I’ve been doing more and more shopping from my comfy couch in front of the fire by hitting up some great online destinations.

A new one I’m trying out this year is Minted. They’re an online marketplace for indie designers, and crowd-source design and art from around the world for gorgeous stationary, wall art, décor and other fine products. They have been hosting open art and graphic design challenges monthly since 2008, and curate their product assortment to represent the best designers.

personalized notebook

I’ve seen a number of reviews for their gorgeous Christmas card collection, but I decided to have a look at their gift selection instead for something a little different.

Now, for those of you who secretly dream of having a Martha Stewart designed wrapping station, how about your own PERSONALIZED WRAPPING PAPER instead? Imagine your favourite pics all over the pile of gifts under the tree! How cool is that?

personalized photo gift wrap

Or maybe you’re giving baked goods for Christmas, and would like to have the recipe printed on the wrapping paper? I bet Martha doesn’t even have that.

personalized gift wrap

And of course, you would want some special gift tags to go with that.

personalized gift tag

I know a few grandmothers who would treasure a calendar like this one.

photo calendar

How about turning your photos into art? Minted makes it easy.

photo art

Or you can create an instant family heirloom.

photo art

I love their limited edition art prints!

mini car art

Their custom children’s art makes it easy to personalize a bedroom.

Dream Big print

And what kid would not love their own door sign?

childrens door sign

Now I know I said I wasn’t going to look at their cards, but I couldn’t help it. Have a look at this foil pressed beauty.

photo Christmas card

And this one actually saves your dog from the indignity of having real antlers tied to his head.

dog photo Christmas card

If you’re looking for a seasonal card, the designs are gorgeous and Minted make it easy to order. And I’ve had a look at the personalization process for all of these products and it looks easy – even I was able to figure it out at a glance.

I really love the idea of personalized gifts. It just adds another layer of thoughtfulness. And you can shop in your pj’s with a nice cup of tea beside you. That’s a big Christmas win in my book.


This post was sponsored by Minted. All opinions are my own, I promise! Photos courtesy of www.minted.com.


12 Responses to “Loving Minted: A Gift Roundup”

  1. Jenn says:

    I think my favourite is the wrapping paper with the recipe on it! How cool!

  2. WHAT?! I am learning so much today. I have never heard of this company before and now I am totally going to use them for Xmas! Wait, does my Mom read this?

  3. Crystal says:

    LOVE the personalize wrapping paper! So super cute! Would also be a good idea for kids who can’t read yet – have their photo on it, so they know which gift is theirs!

  4. Christine says:

    Ohhhhhh! I LOVE Minted! Got this year’s Christmas cards via Minted! SO pleased with them!

  5. amber says:

    such fun and creative gift ideas!

  6. Oh my! You had me at Wrapping Paper. Seriously. It is all lovely but the two wrapping papers that you shared… I LOVE them. Thanks for sharing. Off to check out Minted.

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