Mega Mega Mega News – the Mega Quarry Proposal is Dead!

Posted by Nads on November 23, 2012

In our own local real life David vs Goliath story, US based billion dollar Highland Companies’ has withdrawn its’ Mega Quarry proposal after quiet but relentless opposition from the community.  I myself heard about the proposed development about two years ago, but the initiative has been in the works since early 2007.  I was shocked and horrified at the seeming irresponsibility of the project and took myself to a few of the fundraising events.  It was amazing to see local farmers, citizens, environmentalists, chefs, families and local celebrities band together to oppose a project that would certainly impact all of us.  People power, social media and ongoing grass roots initiatives stopped this development and proved that in numbers we all the power to impact the decisions around us.  Here’s a little video I made from some online material I found highlighting the major events around this development and wanted to share.  Check it out, it’s a pretty amazing victory for us.  graphic by Connie Tsang via Flickr


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