Taking a Mini Vacation

Posted by Dani on November 16, 2011

The other day I unintentionally planned an amazing morning. I happened to take 2 yoga classes in a row, followed by a relaxing massage. Now that kind of thing NEVER happens in my busy schedule – finding time for a single yoga class seems to be hard enough, never mind two plus a massage. But circumstances conspired to give me this opportunity and I went with it.

The first class was a regular hatha class that went at a slow, deliberate pace. The second was a therapeutic yoga class that was gentle, meditative, and deeply relaxing. Half way through the second hour of yoga, it occurred to my blissed out brain that I was heading from this right into a massage! Joy! So I had 3 straight hours of pure, in-the-moment, all-about-me, relaxation time all to myself. This rarely happens in the life of a busy mom!

I can’t remember the last time I felt that relaxed, and it came in the middle of a particularly stressful week. It was like a mini-vacation, and I felt incredibly refreshed afterwards. I would never have planned it – it seems hard to fit in (and maybe even to justify) that much time for myself in my typically demanding life. There are always too many other things to DO that seem more important, and taking care of myself usually falls pretty low on the list. But after giving myself that time, I realized I was in much better shape to take care of the things (and people!) that needed my attention. And I decided I would try occasionally to find the time to do it again, maybe on a weekend after a particularly rough week – 3 hours seems doable. Just a little break so I can feel renewed and restored again.

I think my life is probably very similar to most of yours – filled to the brim with people and experiences and things I love (and probably some I don’t love so much!). But what we seem to lack these days is time, and that has become a real luxury. I realized that sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a difference – a mini vacation goes a long way. What could be a better gift to give yourself?

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