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Look Out Holy Chow – Rockin’ Asian at T&T Market

Posted by Nads on June 30, 2012

I was in one of my favorite Asian supermarkets, T&T Supermarket the other day and had a quick chance to snap some shots of their awesome, awesome take-out. Not the first place you might think of to pick up a quick dinner, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the array of choices and quality of food. We grab dinner from here often, luckily its around the corner from us.

There’s a fantastic spread during the lunch and dinner hours; loads of sushi, cold rice rolls, sticky rice, dim sum, a hot table of BBQ, seaweed salads, vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. Literally a plethora of choices at your fingertips. Fast, fresh and very inexpensive, look up your local T&T and give their take out a try.

Dim Sum menu.

Hot table ready to go.

Sticky rice with a variety of fillings.

Seaweed salads, vegetarian options.

Loads of teas

2 Responses to “Look Out Holy Chow – Rockin’ Asian at T&T Market”

  1. how2home says:

    We adore T&T! It’s like a home away from home kind of super market, they are clean too! Hope you had a nice long weekend.

    • Nads says:

      I know we love it too – it’s like a little known secret in the heart of downtown. Hope you had a great weekend too!

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