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Momofuku Noodle Bar NYC

Posted by Nads on January 30, 2013

Momofuku ramen

Check out some snaps from my visit to the legendary Momofuku Noodle Bar in NYC.  We regularly visit as many Chang establishments as we can get too – read my post on my Milk Bar love here. We ducked in for some late night eats on a recent visit.  I have to say I am in love, love, love with the steamed bun apps.  Last time we were there, my meal consisted of three (embarrassed much?) orders of this app and nothing else.  I dream about these buns which are nothing short of divine.  We haven’t checked out the Toronto location yet (I haven’t found the gumption to deal with the line-ups) but those buns are calling me.  Sorry the photos aren’t great, the lighting was pretty dim and I was armed only with my ancient iPhone 4 (thanks to the archaic contract constraints from Telus – can you tell I’m just a little bitter?) and I was too hungry to take my usual plethora of shots.  Still, check out the food pics here or even better, check out the food yourself in person next time you get a chance.  And make sure you order the buns.

 sashimi appetizer

brisket steamed bun

grilled corn salad

 porktail special




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