My Dust is Busted!

Posted by Nads on November 3, 2015

rowenta_vacuumFall is here, and with colder weather and shorter days, there seems to be a need to nest a little and get ready for the snowy days ahead.  In our home the cold weather brings another welcome benefit, the end of the fall allergy season.  We are a little allergy sensitive in this home, myself with seasonal allergies and very sensitive skin, my hubby with allergies as well but also the occasional asthma attack.  We also have an adorable furry member of the family, and while he loves to nest all year round, his love of cuddling up anywhere we are adds to the allergy sensitivity and overall dust bunnies in our home.

Needless to say, we are a little ‘dust’ conscious in this house, so when I heard about the new Rowenta #DownWithDust campaign, I was immediately interested.  Anything that would help me deal with the almost daily dust grind around my house was a welcome subject.  And the promise of a solution to make that job easier and more effective was definitely worth a try.


We currently use the usual collection of rags and dusters to deal with dust in our house as well as the trusty old central vacuum.  While it has always done it’s ‘job’, I can’t tell you how often I opt to grab a rag or a broom to get at those dust bunnies and instead of making the trek to the basement to haul out 30 feet of hose and a big carpet accessory.  When we first installed the central vac it seemed like 30 feet of hose was such a great convenience, but the fact is that lugging all that equipment around the house is a bit of a pain, and dealing with a long and tangledl hose that loves to pick up dust bunnies along the way poses its’ own challenges.

So to my delight, a package from my friends at Rowenta arrived the other day.  I was curious about all the stated benefits, because let’s face it – exactly how silent is 4 times more silent than it’s competitors.  Is that enough to really notice?

Well, the first thing I noticed when I unpacked my shiny brand new Rowenta Silent Force Extreme Vacuum was the amazing selection of accessories and attachments.  These guys have really thought of everything you might need to get your vacuuming and dusting done!  They all pop on or off with ease, and they have really thought of the best way to deal with every surface in your home.


The unit is light and very portable, beautifully designed with true ergonomics in mind and in fact is surprisingly quiet!!!  The different attachments make it easy to deal with carpeting and hardwood, and the assortment of accessories make it easy to reach hard to get to corners.  I especially love the animal care settings which let me get into the furniture and carpets to remove any hair and pet dander.


The vacuum comes with a three level filtration system, designed to leave your home 99.95% free of dust and allergens.  As well, it is specially designed to be super easy to empty with one easy click, and it comes with three levels of suction so you can right down to the base of your carpets.  In our house, that’s enough to make this a keeper!  Can you tell we’re in love?

Rowenta is giving away a personalized dust busting session with their cleaning crew just for you!  One lucky reader will win an in-home visit.  Click here to enter!

You can find your Rowenta Vacuum at the following retailers: Hudson’s Bay, Sears, Home Outfitters, Bed, Bath and Beyond and London Drugs.

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