I Needed My Yoga Girlfriends On Sunday

Posted by Dani on April 3, 2012

I was going to post a proper review of the Toronto Yoga Conference and Show, which I visited for the first time this weekend eager to immerse myself in all things wellness after hearing great things about it from my yoga girlfriends. Do you have yoga girlfriends? Because if you don’t, you should get yourself some. Mine have been great for me, encouraging me to pick up all kinds of healthy habits. They help compensate for my drinking-in-Vegas girlfriends, who encourage me to pick up all kinds of non-healthy habits. It all works out well.
I was going to tell you all about this great annual event – 3 days of countless classes, internationally recognized teachers, and a show floor with all the consciousness-raising products you could ask for. But I think I’ll just tell you how my day went.

I set off on Sunday for the Metro Toronto Convention Center, looking forward to my 11:15 class with Seane Corn on Yoga For Inner Visioning, because who doesn’t need better inner visioning? As I pulled up to the venue, I realized I forgot my conference pass at home. Despite being clearly informed that no pass = no class, I thought I would try my luck anyway. I took me over a half hour to find parking. The lot was full and so I parked a few blocks away.
I arrived just in time for my class, but the yoga guards would not let me in.
I sat dejected in a chair for a while, then I walked the show looking for my yoga friend Andrea. She has big, gorgeous curly blond hair so I thought I might spot her in the crowd. Couldn’t find Andrea’s hair anywhere.
Gave up and left.
Got rained on as I walked back to my car.
Saw the pass in my back seat.
Decided to try to catch the last hour and ran back.
Got caught in a hailstorm. Seriously.
Walked into the class just as Seane Corn was finishing up talking about all kinds of things that probably would have changed my life. Caught the last part of the class, which was a flow-type yoga. Felt out of practice and a little creaky. The heavily pregnant lady in front of me was moving more easily.
Enjoyed the 10 minute long meditation at the end until I heard a phone ring. After 4 rings it dawned on me that the rude phone person was me.
Crawled in the dark to find my purse and hung up on my daughter.

Yoga For Inner Visioning was OK. But I think what I really need is Yoga For Outer Organization.

Don’t miss the Toronto Yoga Conference and Show next year. Lot’s of great classes and events to choose from, and products to check out. I’m sure you’ll do better than I did!


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  1. Joan says:

    You are too funny!

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