2 Party Night Pizza Dough Appetizers With a Twist

Posted by Nads on November 23, 2013


pizza app bites

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pizzza app roll up

In true blue lifeovereasy style, today you are getting TWO for the price of one.

Yup, I am sharing a well kept secret, my ten-minutes-make-two-different-apps from the same ingredients secret.  You can pinch yourself, cuz you have made it into the inner circle.

A couple of Friday nights per month we get together with our favorite neighbors for a couple of drinks, a lot of laughs and a few rounds of euchre.  I’m not sure how this ritual started, but it quickly became a familiar and welcome end to many weeks. Friday night came along, everyone was a little burned out from a long week and it was a no brainer to have some fun by walking down the street, most often in sweats or even pj’s and unwind.  We almost always order take-out, but by the time we are seated and into our first round, everyone is a little famished while we wait for the food to arrive.  I often try to throw together a little snack or app and this has become one of my go-to favorites.  I almost always have some prosciutto and good cheese handy, and with a little help from some store bought pizza dough and arugula, I can whip these up with about 10 minutes of prep. Quick, delicious and impressive, they get my two thumbs up.  Look for the recipe for the Cheesy Prosciutto Arugula Roll Up to follow below.


pizza app ingredientsall you need

Start off by ripping the pizza dough into two inch balls and pressing them into a buttered muffin tin.  The more pizza dough you use, the more they will puff up.  Depends on your preference for the filling to dough ratio – I like more filling so I really stuff the cups.  Here I used 1/2 a slice of Monterrey Jack cheese, topped with a slice of prosciutto, topped with another 1/2 slice of cheese and finished with some cracked pepper, olive oil and garlic pepper.  No salt as the prosciutto and the salt make the bites pretty salty as it is.  EASY! Here’s a step by step guide to make sure there is no room for error.


pizza app process

Then you bake in a 375 degree oven for 15-20 minutes depending on how crusty you like your bites.  After 20 minutes you get these.  YUM!!!!

pizza bites

Can’t believe it’s that easy?  It is!  This one is even easier.

This is more of a loaf or roll up.  It’s great to serve as an appetizer on it’s own, sliced up on a charcuterie tray, or just as a different way to serve bread on our table at a bigger meal.  It really looks gorgeous.  First, spread your pizza dough out onto parchment paper, this helps the dough from shrinking.  I like to layer some olive oil, cracked pepper, rosemary, hot pepper if you want some bite, and some garlic powder.  No salt here either as the prosciutto and cheese get pretty salty when heated.  Layer on the cheese, prosciutto and arugula.


pizza roll up process



pizza app roll

And bake at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes.  Let it sit and rest for about 10  minutes and the slice and serve.  That’s it!!!!


pizza app roll







11 Responses to “2 Party Night Pizza Dough Appetizers With a Twist”

  1. Those both look awesome! Endless combo possibilities for both of them.

    • Nads says:

      So true – you can stuff them with almost anything. It’s easy to make a vegetarian version too – everything is great with cheese!

  2. Hmmm, these are pretty tasty looking Daniela, and even the non cooker in me can probably make these with a little effort, LOL. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. Wow, you made this look so easy! Now I really want to try both of these recipes. Thanks for all the details (I need them … I am no natural at this cooking stuff!)

    • Nads says:

      it’s hard to go wrong with this – basically just stuff and bake, and you could go to town with the fillings, anything goes really

  4. Jenn says:

    Those looks like great appetizers. I would love to eat them unfortunatley I would have to find a gluten free way to recreate them!

  5. Oh those look delicious! I have never thought about using pizza dough in “bite” form I will have to give it a try

  6. Heather says:

    Seriously. These look amazing! Prosciutto is one of my favs and it makes everything feel fancy. Love these ideas!

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