PC Salted Caramel Ice Cream is The Bomb

Posted by Nads on May 18, 2013

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Here at lifeovereasy it seems we write about ice cream a lot.  We make it, we eat it, we make recipes from it.  Maybe it’s a little bit of ice cream overkill, but I couldn’t resist sharing one of my favorite finds of the year.  Now you may become a little irate with me for inviting you to try this – I will warn you it is VERY difficult to find.  Loblaw’s carries this exclusively, and I will admit there has been several evenings we have ventured out to numerous locations (4? 5?) in our area to find it, but when it is in stock, it is amazing!!!  President’s Choice Salted Caramel Ice Cream.  It’s the perfect balance of salty, sweet, rich and creamy.  We cannot keep it in the house, as we fly through it when we have it.  Currently, I have 6 tubs in the freezer, but when the neighbors catch wind, I’m sure they will be gone too.  Make sure you get out and try some, I generally take bribes, but in this scenario, I will forewarn you money will not cut it.  Enjoy!



One Response to “PC Salted Caramel Ice Cream is The Bomb”

  1. Salted caramel is sooooooo addictive! I haven’t seen this ice cream at Loblaws, but now that I know about it, I’ll be on the hunt for it for sure! 🙂

    Last month when we were in South Carolina, I had THE BEST salted caramel chocolate bar EVER! I started eating it with the plan to just eat half and give the rest of it to my hubby. Didn’t happen. I ate the whole thing right then and there! The company is called Sweeteeth and you can buy from them online. Woot!


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