Teen Perfect Weekend Outings

Posted by Nads on July 13, 2013

Christie Pits Film Festival - Gallery 2013-07-13 00-16-35

My teenage nieces are coming to visit on Sunday and in my mind that means ‘come up with something good’.  Not because they’re demanding or hard to please – in fact they are great with the ‘show up and hang’ plan, but because I have a ridiculously high ‘aunt’ standard which dictates that I always come up with an uber fun great experience that they can only have with me.  I haven’t heard of the narcissistic aunt persona syndrome but I’m sure it’s out there, yet to be named.  I’m thinking it should be called the “zi” after me cuz I so fit the bill.  Moving on.  I was wondering what the perfect outing might be.  The city is inundated with Indy events and festivals this weekend, but large crowds and beer tents don’t quite fit the brief.  I came across the perfect bill looking through toronto.com and noticed a music focused outdoor film series.  Yes, retro vintage film paired with drugs, sex and rock & roll seemed to be a perfect fit.  The Christie Pits outdoor music film festival launched last week, with a great line up of FREE outdoor films screening on Sunday nights throughout the summer.  This weekend they are showing Gimme Shelter, a Rolling Stones documentary detailing a free outdoor concert staged in 1969 where 300,00 plus people showed up.  Described as “happy, ugly, romantic, brutal and cool”.  Awesome for teens.  Check it out, we’ll be there.  And did I mention, it’s free?

Christie Pits Film Festival - Home 2013-07-13 00-18-27

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  1. And this is the reason I wish my kids and I lived in Toronto. Thanks for this post. I think its a great idea to encourage teenagers to see some ‘classic’ movies! My husband would be all over this list!

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