Pottery Roundup

Posted by Dani on August 29, 2013

green ceramic bowl
Just thought you might all like to see what I’ve been up to in the pottery studio these days. These are a few pieces that I finished recently – mainly platters, my current obsession. My cupboards are overflowing, and I could serve a 10 course meal at an Italian wedding with all the platters I have. But it seems I have a thing, so platters it is.

And even though I have about a zillion platters, my husband still pulled out a pie plate to serve some fruit last time I invited my family over for dinner. Go figure.

I tend not to be very productive in the studio. I take a lot of risks with my pieces, skipping some steps here and there and pushing the clay a little too far. I lose a lot of my work in the process, and so it’s always thrilling when something makes it out alive. These days I’m into embracing wonkiness– making organic hand-built forms that look a little more natural and show some of the studio process. And I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with a new dark clay and a glaze that gives it a beautiful indigo colour. The colour is truly gorgeous – these pictures really don’t do it justice. I’ve never worked with dark clay before, and I have a feeling that the house will be filled with indigo pottery before I’m done.

This white platter is a great size – almost anything looks good in it. I used an antique wood trim stamp to make the swirl design.

white ceramic bowl

Here is a lotus plate that started off as a bowl. The heat in the high fire kiln relaxed the sides, but I think I like it better as a plate. This one would look nice hung up on the wall.

green ceramic lotus plate

These next few are from my indigo series. I used some batik stamps Nads brought back from Varanasi, India to make the designs. Here is a set of four bowls I made for the family. These are a little bigger, perfect for my mom’s minestrone.

blue ceramic bowls

I gave this platter to my friend Cle, after she saved my daughters bacon this summer when Olivia ran into trouble with University prerequisite deadlines. Long story – but she totally deserved a platter!

blue ceramic platter with stamps

Here is a detail of an elephant design on another platter.

blue ceramic platter section

I worked on a series of larger flowers like this one. I’m planning on hanging these outside on the patio walls, like I did last year with my pottery hearts.

blue ceramic flower, hanging

And this is what happens when you rush in the studio! No worries, I’m planning on using this guy in a mosaic piece for the garden.

cracked blue ceramic flower, broken

I’ll be heading back into the studio this fall, so I’ll have some more projects to show you. Probably more platters. And they’ll probably be indigo.

For now, you can see more of my pottery in these posts: Daisy Bowl, Appetizer Plates, The Wicked Witch Of The West Says, and The Best Christmas Present.

pottery signature, bottom of bowl





11 Responses to “Pottery Roundup”

  1. Gorgeous pottery! Love the organic look of your pieces!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the lotus. Beautiful work!

    • Dani says:

      Thanks so much Crystal. It’s a really fun hobby and the best part is if something breaks, I can make another one 😉

  3. Paula schuck says:

    Love this beautiful first piece. It reminds me of blue mountain pottery in collingwood Ontario.

    • Dani says:

      Blue Mountain Pottery brings back memories of my childhood – I remember driving by the giant pot in front of the factory in Collingwood. It was the only pottery I ever heard of back then!

  4. mara says:

    I love your pottery. I took pottery lessons once. My pottery did not look like that.

  5. These looks like a lot of love has been put into them. I like the Lotus one the best.

    • Dani says:

      Thanks Amy. It’s always nice to have handmade things to use around the house. I remember making tiny bowls for the girls when they were babies – we still have some of those.

  6. I LOVE the colour and shape of the lotus plate. Wow you are very talented.

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