Prezzies From Nana

Posted by Nads on October 15, 2011

My mom has a quirky and adorable way of giving gifts – she’s been known to stuff a little parcel
into your hands or your bag as you are walking out the door, all the while waving you off as
only a good Italian mom can.

She always has a little project on the go and we are often the
recipients of her ventures – new veggies growing in the garden, embroidery projects, or new
baking recipes. They are often boast her own twist – she loves to do things her way, never by
the proverbial book. Check out her latest project below – she dried out some extra herbs from
her garden and then pulverized them in a coffee grinder. I was intrigued by the idea of using
aromatics in a dust form and was delighted with the results when I rubbed them onto meat, fish
and even potatoes. They were more delicate than regular dried herbs and imparted an infused
flavor to my dishes. They also mix well with finishing salts. See more on special salts in a
previous post here. In true Italian Nana fashion, she bought some cute little jars from the local
dollar shop to store the herbs in – check out the adorable labels!

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