Project Pumpkin

Posted by Nads on October 31, 2012

I have often written about our challenges with decorating around the house for holidays and such.  We seem to be a little holiday decor “challenged” to put it politely and always find ourselves under the gun to pull something together.  It doesn’t help that we live down the street from the Martha Stewart of house decorating.  Our neighbors’ Halloween haunted house is legendary around here.  This year I groaned at the dollar store collection of decor items we had and I was determined not to put out those dang fake cobwebs, last year I was still pulling those suckers out of my bushes in April, much to the entertainment of my neighbors.  A couple of weeks ago around Thanksgiving, my husband announced he wanted to do a pumpkin project this year.  Shocked would be an understatement as he is usually the person who reluctantly and grumbling-ly gets involved in these types of things so I decided to bite my tongue and just show support for the fact that he was interested in doing anything.

He purchased a massive white pumpkin at a roadside stand and left me in the dark as he crafted his plan.  Well last night he came home with a dollar store bag and one from Home Depot.  He had me intrigued.

Then he pulled out a torch – yes butane, fire, gadgets, all the makings of your typical pumpkin decorating project?!?.

I watched as he set to work and voila –

about an hour later he produced this gorgeous pumpkin that looked more like a piece of art than a jack-o-lantern.  I think he hit this one out of the park – that’s it for the dollar store decor for us, this is a keeper!  Now what to do with it after Halloween….






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