Pumpkins On My Mind

Posted by Nads on October 28, 2012

cool hand painted designs at happymundane.com

Everywhere I look there is Halloween in the air.  And with that, there is Halloween paraphernalia everywhere.  In keeping with the theme, I have been hunting around for some neat and different pumpkin ideas.  We have a 25lb Casper White in our living room and three boxes of crayons.  That’s all I can say.

letsentertain.net does wonders with upholstery tacks – brilliant

I’m sworn to secrecy on what’s next so stay tuned next week for the reveal.  In the meantime, here’s some of the more interesting ideas I have come across.  Hopefully they will give you some inspiration.  Send us your pics, ideas, tips as we get ready.  How about that tack covered one – pure Elton!

clever painting ideas at letsentertain.net 


ribbons at perspectives.charlesluck.com


stencils at moderndesignblog.com

clever painted polka dots at darlingdoodlesdesign.com


napkin decoupage at inmyownstyle.com

rockin’ tacks at madiganmade.com

one more thing made awesome by Sharpie at rainbowelephant.com


another Sharpie creation at creaturecomfortsblog.com



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