Your Pup Needs A Doggy Bedroom

Posted by Dani on June 4, 2013

dog decorating accessories
Why just give your dog a bed when you can give him an entire bedroom???

Some people might think this is excessive. Absolutely not! You see, I happen to have the best dog in the world, so he totally deserves his own bedroom. In my family, we all unanimously agree that Sky is better than all of us. We are hopelessly in love with him. In fact, he probably deserves a family room with his own flat screen TV too, but one thing at a time.

Now, I do realize that most dog owners think that their dog is the best dog ever. In fact, my sister Nads, who has Sky’s brother Nikko, will swear up and down that Nikko is the best thing since sliced bread. You should probably read this post quick, before she takes it down and writes one about Nikko instead. But I say, why argue? Let’s all give our precious pooches their own bedroom retreat!

doggy bedroom

This was easy to pull together – a quick stop at HomeSense and I had all I needed for Sky’s relaxing retreat. They have a great pet section, and I always stock up on all my supplies when I’m there because you can’t beat the prices. I had no trouble finding everything to decorate this puppy’s new room.

Now you may have noticed a few HomeSense related posts this week. Nads and I put together these decorating projects after one of our occasional “HomeSense runs,” where we stop in at several stores in one day. We grab ourselves a couple of lattes to go, and yik yak all day while we cruise around looking for bargains. We usually do this seasonally, whenever we need a few new touches for our homes. This time we were hunting for some things to spruce up our patios. Then we got the dog bedroom idea, and things just went from there.

I loved this cute grey patterned bed, and then I found a bright yellow pillow to match. I don’t know about your dog, but Sky sure likes to rest his head on a pillow when he sleeps. He needs a pillow, no doubt about it.

I found a sweet little storage shelf for his collars and leashes. Because we all know Sky is a very Good Dog.

good dog storage shelf

dog leashes on hooks

And I happened to find the perfect piece of art that captured his entire life’s philosophy. It also essentially represents Sky’s daily to-do list:

dog art

Just beside his bed is a nice jar for his treats, so they’re always handy. I also found a cute green storage basket for Sky’s toys and clothes. This way he can pick out his outfit every morning. It makes getting out the door much easier.

basket of dog toys

dog toys

I think it all came together very nicely. Sky totally approved. Nads is hiding this post from Nikko, because then he will want a bedroom of his own, too. I’m also not allowed to tell him Sky gets some cookies on his pillow at night, because then Nikko will definitely pack up and leave home to move in with me. And I don’t think we have room for a second doggy bedroom.

dog cookies on a yellow pillow


9 Responses to “Your Pup Needs A Doggy Bedroom”

  1. That’s adorable! I will not read this to Polly as she will be VERY jealous!

  2. Very cool! My dog has an incredibly comfortable bed we made for her 10th birthday. She does love it, but prefers to sleep on the stairs most of the time!

  3. OK, this is seriously the cutest room I have ever seen! I absolutely LOVE that you designed a room especially for for Sky! Everything he could possibly need is right there in his own special space 🙂

    My dogs would be sooooo jealous! Although mind you, our guy Jackson sleeps on our bed every night, so he’s kinda spoiled already 🙂

    • Margaret says:

      Of course, Jackson also has his very own reclining lawn chair on the back deck, from where he supervised the neighbourhood squirrels as well as his sibling and foster siblings. I’ve seen it.It’s designed to match his collar, which in turn picks up the lovely colour in his bright eyes!

      • Dani says:

        I hope Sky and Jackson never meet – the doggy peer pressure would be too much! Sky would bug me for a patio lounger and Jackson would start demanding his own master bedroom!

  4. Anne says:

    awwwwwwwwwww so cute & I really love the Live Love Bark sign. Great job!

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