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Hang the Clothes Out to Dry

Posted by Nads on May 24, 2012

I was taking a walk the other day through Riverdale, one of my favorite Toronto neighborhoods and was struck when I saw clothes hanging on a line outside to dry.  I had to snap a pic as I was quickly brought back to my childhood,  My mom always said that the clothes smelled better when they were hung out to dry and its true, when I come across that smell, I know it.  There is a way that clothes smell when they are dried out in the sun, they almost smell like, well, sun.  These days, I see more and more people opting for a clothesline in their yards.  While not the most attractive thing, they do read enviromentaly conscious.  The pressing issues around energy consumption and the environment are everywhere, so I had to wonder what a difference something like a dryer could make.  Thanks Google and mindcheese (where I found this infographic from WellHome) for this great infographic I found on the subject.  Have a look, its more than you might think.  Actually, a lot more.  I may consider that clothesline after all.  Let us know what you think, is a clothesline something you might consider?


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