Reno-cation Highlights – Treats from Zane

Posted by Nads on February 22, 2013

We are on “vacation” this week, or as my husband has coined it, a ‘reno-cation”.  We decided to take a week and spend 2-3 days laying down a new hardwood floor in our bedroom and stair landings and then take off up north for the rest of the time.  Famous last words.  Here we are on day 7 and we have just finished.  More to come on the newbies installing hardwood floor in record time later.

On a happier note, looking for ways to add some highlights to our days, we made a couple (yes more than one,

less than 5 pinky swear) of trips to our fav, fav, fav bakery this week.  This place smells like pure French heaven, and that’s what it is – a sunny, warm place filled with French treats that put you in the best carb coma ever.  I’ve noticed we talk a lot about sweets on this blog and the funny thing is that I don’t really have a sweet tooth but one thing I love and really appreciate is good French pastry.  My pup Nikko also loves French pastry and is particularly sweet on marzipan custard filled almond croissants – yes he is ridiculously spoiled and has a fantastic palette to boot.  One thing I can’t stand is mediocre or bad French pastry which is why I rarely choose to indulge, but Zane Patisserie in the Beach has some of the best croissants in the city.  They are divine, crispy, crusty, light and buttery with just the right hint of nutty brown butter finish.  The creams and fillings are also perfect, here is our favorite line-up:

1. honey twist croissant

2. lemon curd filled croissant

3. almond croissant filled with marzipan cream

4. hazelnut croissant

5. pain chocolat

Believe it or not, these are our must have’s when visiting, everything else is a bonus.  They have tons of other goodies – the croissant bread ring is amazing.  Be sure to make the trip next time your in the hood abd be sure to sample a couple – you can never have just one.



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