Resin Photo Pendants

Posted by Dani on January 9, 2012

Here is another set of resin photo pendants I made using materials from These gorgeous shots captured some happy moments from 2011. One is a picture of my youngest daughter during a game of beach volleyball, and in the other one my older girl is sailing her little Hobie Cat sailboat. To jazz things up, I added some quotes that I thought would be meaningful for each girl. I chose “Love Is The Music Of The Soul” for the sailor with the love of music and uncanny memory for lyrics. And the volleyball player with the quirky and confident sense of style got “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.”

One easy way I found to get words in great colours and fonts for a project like this is to photograph words from magazines or signs and just reduce them using a photo editor. You can print them off like any regular photo, and just cut and paste like I did here. Don’t forget that all inkjet photos need to be coated to prevent bleeding. You can also add tiny beads or other decorative items that become embedded in the resin. Here I added 2 tiny gold stars to one pendant. One necessary tool that saved my sanity while working with such tiny bits is fine point tweezers, which really made a big difference in making this project look professional. Once all the parts were glued down, I followed the same procedure as in the previous post on the Harry Potter pendants. Easy peasy!

I think the photo doesn’t quite do these pendants justice. The resin is smooth and glossy, and really enhances the photos. So far it seems very hard and durable, and the girls are wearing them all the time. Great mementos of the summer of 2011! Why don’t you give this project a try?

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