Santa Says: Time To Get Your Advent Calendars Out

Posted by Dani on December 1, 2012

We’re a Playmobil advent calendar family.

Back when the girls were young, there weren’t as many pretty and creative advent calendar options out there. Or at least I couldn’t find any. The internet was still a baby and my Christmas DIY skills involved mainly spray painting walnuts gold and hanging them around the house. So when I came across a Playmobil advent calendar in a bin at Winners, I thought it was the bees knees.

The kids were thrilled to run over first thing in the morning and see what little piece came out of the numbered boxes. And I was completely charmed by the elaborate Christmas scene that the girls could build. The details were delightful and had a European touch– forest scenes with families of little animals, a toy shop with mini skates and dolls and musical instruments, or Mrs. Claus baking away with her miniature bowls and trays of cookies. You can read more about it here.

We bought one every year since and we’ve kept all the pieces in a bin. The girls still get a kick out of their calendar – December just wouldn’t feel the same without it.
I think I may have to send one off to university next year when my oldest goes.

Today’s the first day of advent, and our Playmobil calendar goes up. If you don’t have anything planned for your little ones, you could still scoot out to Mastermind and pick one up. Or do you have something else in mind to count down the days to Christmas? Let us know, we’d love to hear your advent calendar ideas.




2 Responses to “Santa Says: Time To Get Your Advent Calendars Out”

  1. nads says:

    how many advent calendars do you have to buy to get all these vignettes? i want one…

    • Dani says:

      One calendar creates a very detailed (and cute) vignette. But I have been buying them for years so there is lots there for Isabel to compose her Christmas scenes with. Anything to get teens playing with toys once in a while!

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