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Old School Agenda

Posted by Dani on January 14, 2012

I still use an agenda. The old-fashioned kind. With paper. And a pen. It makes me feel charmingly eccentric. I have had many people enthusiastically demonstrate all the obvious advantages of going digital, but I just like writing things down.

About 10 years ago I needed a new agenda and happened across the most charming little agenda shop while on my first trip to Paris. My husband had surprised me with a trip for our tenth anniversary, and finding this shop while on a romantic stroll during this romantic trip just made this agenda seem extra special. I was able to choose the leather for the cover (Hermes orange) and the leather for the closure (bright yellow), and a few weeks later my custom made agenda showed up on my doorstep in Toronto.

The company is called L’Agenda Moderne, and they have a distributor in Montreal, Papeterie Casse-Noisette, who supplies my annual refills. They are another charming shop, just down the street from Notre-Dame Basilica in old Montreal. Every year sometime in October I get my refill in the mail, along with a charming handwritten note wishing me the best for upcoming year. That’s a lot of charm rolled into one agenda!

So as I go through a busy year, trying to keep myself and my family organized as the days race by, once in a while I pause to take some secret pleasure in using my Parisienne agenda. Have a look at some of the extra information I get – makes me feel très continental!

I’ll be ready if I ever need to make an emergency call in Paris (maybe to the “pompiers”!)…

…or plan a visit to the Louvre…

…or take the Paris Métro…

…or maybe know how long a weekend jaunt to pick up some Luxemburgerli in Zurich might take!

And of course one must always know that the 1982 red Bordeaux was “exceptionnelle, ” while the 2004 should be sent back!

4 Responses to “Old School Agenda”

  1. Dawnmarie Riley says:

    I’m with you on “old school” ways of doing some things. I still keep a mini address book in my purse and I dial people’s numbers so I don’t forget them. I know mobile phones are convenient, but they do get lost, stolen, or damaged. I like “old school!”

  2. Dani says:

    I like that idea about dialing people’s numbers – I hardly have anyone’s numbers memorized anymore because it’s all on speed dial. Even my kids! I’ll have to make a point of dialing from now on. Oh well, at least I have them written in my agenda 😉

  3. Cb says:

    What size is your diary? The size of the Refills?

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