My Secret Addiction – Gluten-Free Whoopie Pies

Posted by Dani on March 22, 2013

You want these whoopie pies. Trust me. Whoever bakes these whoopie pies doesn’t need gluten. They probably use things like magic and fairy dust instead of gluten. They certainly don’t use any of those ingredients that make gluten-free baked goods taste like sawdust and weigh as much as bricks.

They come in 2 flavours – pumpkin spice and chocolate peanut butter. Don’t be put off if you think you’re not a pumpkin spice fan – even anti-pumpkin-spice people love these. They taste just like goodness.

I get them at Annick’s Gluten Free Market in Scarborough. Even if you live in Guelph or Barrie, you will want to drive down to Scarborough and stock up on these. Make it a day trip, check out the local sites. Just get your booty down to Annick’s and pick up a dozen. Take them home and you will be surrounded by all kinds of gluten-intolerant people who will want to be your friend. These are life-changing whoopie pies. Trust me.


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