Secret Weapon – Get Your Powder Puff

Posted by Dani on July 27, 2012

If you have hair, you need to get Kevin Murphy Powder Puff Volumising Powder. I was introduced to this cute little pink ball by my twins – the hairdressing twins who have been styling my hair for years. Although only one of them actually cuts my hair, I tend to lump them in together since they are so close, it’s hard to tell where one stops and the other begins. So really it’s like team hairdressing.
Now they are great hair stylists, and know everything about all the important things in life like the latest fashion trends, what the big Hollywood actresses are doing with their hair, and where to go for drinks in Vegas. And I always love what they do with my hair, but the real reason I look forward to my appointments is because they always turn into big group therapy/Oprah on steroids kind of sessions. These twins talk openly about intimate details of their lives, giving everyone in the styling chairs permission to do the same. And pretty soon it’s an estrogen free-for-all, with all kinds of conversations happening across the salon. All your issues and insecurities can come out – relationships, kids, your job, your weight. And all those women GET IT. There is women sympathy flying at you from all directions. Just what everyone needs sometimes – and then you get great hair cut to boot. Can’t beat it!

When the twins recommended Powder Puff, I knew I had to listen. After all, they’re twins, I figure they know double. I became addicted after my first time. The lightweight matte texture gave me lift without feeling heavy, and the application was effortless. Shake a little on your roots, massage it in and fluff your hair for instant volume and a softly tousled look. It’s similar to dry shampoos except it has some kind of magic voluminizing ingredient – perfect for second day hair. And running your fingers through your hair seems to reactivate it, so you can always add a little touch of bedroom hair throughout the day.

Instant poof in a jar – some days we all need some.

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  1. Holly says:

    Thanks for that useful post. What exactly are your preferred product review websites?

    • Dani says:

      For product reviews, I generally cruise around to different sites. I haven’t really found one I stick with. I’d love a recommendation,are there any sites you really like and find reliable?

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