Shazam – My Music Playlist’s Best Friend

Posted by Nads on June 5, 2012

I love discovering new music and what I love even more is finding new ways to source music to  add to my very large and varied collection.  One of my latest addictions is Shazam, the rockstar of music apps for my iPhone.  With the press of a button, Shazam “listens” to music and almost always reports back the artist and album and saves it for you.  A great discovery when I first started using it, I’ve realized now all the great places it comes in handy.  I’ve used it during movies, during TV shows, and quite often, believe it or not while shopping.  I came across this while hanging out in NY.  A lot of the bigger fashion chain stores actually have full time DJ’s on hand, and it became really handy to ask my hubby to Shazam the tunes while he was waiting around for me.  (HINT HINT ladies this works like a gem, the iPhone is literally your best friend when your better half is waiting around for you while you shop).  Back here in TO, I realized that a lot of these same stores bought DJ playlists or subscribed to internet radio too.  The music is awesome, and generally like nothing you would hear on your everyday radio station.

Now, often as I’m in a changing room or strolling through a store, I pay attention to what’s being played and often reach for my Shazam.  Check it out, you’ll be surprised how much great music you’ll find and how often the app comes in handy.

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