Shocking Stats About Sharks

Posted by Nads on April 24, 2013

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Sharks.  Just the words give me a bit of a Jaws-esque flashback.  It’s Earth Week and I keep coming across a ton of info about the environment and what the collective ‘we’ are doing.  Optimistically, I have seen quite a bit of positive press about the things we have accomplished in the last couple of years.  Concentrated efforts have yielded huge results.  That’s the good news and that’s what should give us hope.  There is still so so so much to do and as I skim across all the info out there, I still find myself occasionally gob smacked at the sheer astounding recklessness of the human race.  This is one of those pieces of info.  I came across this infographic last week and it stayed on my mind for days to come.  Note the comparison – the first stat is in YEARS and the second is in HOURS.  If we want to create a direct comparison, you need to multiply the second number, all those red fish by 8,760.  The final count is nothing short of astounding.  We humans kill over 100 MILLION sharks every year.  Hundreds of species become extinct ever year.  The effect on the food chain in the oceans is immense.  Seriously.  Mostly for soup.  It’s outrageous.  That’s why I love these infographics.  One stop jaw dropping reality.  I like to call them the “holy sh***t” infographics.  One snapshot that provides so much context.

Help boycott the shark slaughter.  See how below.




6 Responses to “Shocking Stats About Sharks”

  1. WOW! I never knew, thanks for bringing some much needed awareness to this!

  2. I can’t even begin to get my brain around this! This is brutal and points to how stupid humans can be! A soup, hack off a fin and toss them back in the water to drown get eaten or starve to death! Nicely done people of the world!!! 🙁 PER HOUR!!! Wow!

  3. Woah that number is much higher than I thought it would be! Poor sharks..

  4. Today, in the paper there was this story about sea-lions being found decapitated – apparently the numbers are increasing and becoming a concern. It’s one of those things we do not think about and when that happens it really makes us shake our heads at us the “humans”. “Why?” I ask over and over. Sad.

    • Nads says:

      It is really so so sad. There needs to be an easier way to call attention to these senseless acts. It should be easier to do something to stop this

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