Just Some Shoe Love

Posted by Dani on February 6, 2013

This post is about shoe appreciation. Shoe love, actually. Yup, that’s it really. Just some shoe love.

Yesterday I went over to a girlfriend’s to play. And by play I mean look at her new shoes. And photograph them. And talk to them. I even kissed one or two when she wasn’t looking.

This girlfriend of mine has the most amazing shoe closet. I’m sure her heart sings every time she opens the door. And so many new lovelies were added since I last visited. Words like Prada, Miu Miu, and Jimmy Choo made me a little dizzy. We forgot all about our boring teenage-kid-raising challenges. We just squealed over new shoes.

After I finished calling the new shoes some beautiful names, I thought I’d take some pretty pictures to share. So go ahead, take a moment, bliss out. Admire, sigh, daydream a little, fall in love, caress your computer screen – whatever, it’s all good.

(Now imagine Bach’s Cello Suite No. 6 in G Major playing in the background)

Here you go, dear readers….

Just look at these babies. Just. Look.

OOOOOOhhh. Sigh…….

Heart flutter.

How about these? Did you just gasp?

These are saying beautiful Italian words of love to me…

Oh. My. Serious prettiness.


And these puppies, that whisper I-want-to-be-taken-seriously-but-still-have-room-for-rhinestones.

LOOK AT WHAT’S UNDERNEATH!!!! How many ways could you find to nonchalantly reveal the bottom of your shoe?

I feel kind of warm all over. I think I am out of words.




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