Only A Sister Would Do This

Posted by Dani on June 13, 2012

Actually only my sister. She hauled this cutting board all the way from Thailand for me. Twice. The cutting board cost about $2, the shipping probably $50. The locals were pretty amused that the crazy foreigner lady would do that.
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Now this is one amazing cutting board. A real man cutting board. Not a little wimpy plastic thing. This baby’s solid. I think it’s made from a round slice from the center of a tamarind tree. The wood is extremely dense, yet the end grain cut keeps your knife sharp a lot longer. This would matter a great deal if I actually used it much for cutting, and for this you’d have to cook a lot which I try to avoid if I can. Mainly I like to look at it. And I like that it’s a little different. kaçak bahis Probably not many people have a Thai cutting board, cause who would be crazy enough to carry one of these puppies home??? But the best part for me is all the memories it brings back. illegal bahis These are the cutting boards used in the market restaurants and food shacks of Thailand to make some of the best street food I have ever had. Reminds me of the carefree backpacking days of my youth.
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Nads is a great traveller, and an even better shopper. And she has a tradition of bringing back almost just as much for me as she gets for herself. bahis siteleri I don’t know how that tradition started, but I am forever grateful to the gods of shopping that somehow she acquired this prolific habit. On one trip to Asia years ago, she bought us 2 of these boards. She wrapped them well and paid a small fortune to have these shipped by boat to Canada. güvenilir bahis siteleri We waited months for our boards to arrive, only to find that they had gone moldy in the plastic wrapping because of the moisture in the freshly cut wood. I tried my best engineering skills to de-mold them, but these boards were not meant to be.
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Nads is not a quitter. So some years later on another trip to Thailand she tried again. This time she carried around her board in her backpack and brought it home that way. Luckily for me, she somehow convinced her boyfriend to carry a second one in his pack for me. Now that’s true love. iddaa siteleri And to express her gratitude she ended up marrying him. If you want to test out the strength of your future husbands love, try getting him to carry around a 50 pound wood board for your sister. You’ll know right away.
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I love my Thai cutting board. And I love my sister. She’s the best. And I’m not writing all this to butter her up. Nope. Just because she’s currently on a European holiday, probably staying around the corner from an amazing leather market, that’s not why I’m saying all this. I’m only her sister who appreciates her and is taking really good care of her dog. That’s all. Just saying.
Read about the salt block I brought her back from London here, just to continue the crazy sister tradition of hauling heavy boards back from overseas. Luckily, I think we’re done with this tradition now.

6 Responses to “Only A Sister Would Do This”

  1. Can you please ask your sister the next time she’d in Thailand to bring me back one of these? All I’ve got are those unexciting plastic Ikea cutting boards and they don’t help me fool anyone into thinking I can actually cook 😉

    • Dani says:

      Haha, I’ll try! But I have first dibs on her loot, after all I have put up with her – oops, loved and supported her for all these years!

  2. Awesome cutting board! Can I be adopted into your family please? Can she bring me some Thai food, a funky thai lantern, and some awesome sarongs, and maybe a monkey….from her travels?! That would be cool. A pet monkey. LOL.
    Great post !! Seriously, I think you need just ONE MORE sister.
    Big love,

    • Dani says:

      Lynne, we take adopted sisters. There is always room in the sisterhood. Sisters with treehouses get moved to the top of the list. If they shop in Bali they possibly even outrank ourselves. But no monkeys. I am anti monkey since one pickpocketed my glasses in Ubud. They are worse than squirrels.

  3. Justin Baker says:

    Thailand is a great place to shop!! Lucky you have a sister like that!! My sister is in Belgium, every time she visits US, she brings back huge bag of chocolates. That’s not a bad deal too!!

    • Dani says:

      As far as gifts from traveling friends or family go, I’m not picky – I’ll take anything 🙂 I’m sure Belgian chocolates are especially good when they come right from Belgium!

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