Sodastream: The Life of the Party

Posted by Nads on June 22, 2013


setting up your table

I have a bit of a thing for gadgets, especially kitchen and cooking gadgets.  I get really excited at the idea of something, usually make an impulse buy and then spend some time using it in my own space.  My opinions develop quickly and I tend to be pretty ruthless in my assessments, but if I like something I become a die hard fan.  That kind of happened with my SodaStream.

Say hello to my new SodaStream – isn’t it cool?

We were invited to a SodaStream launch event and walked out with a fancy white machine to take home.  Honestly speaking, I was a little skeptical at first.  Usually things produced commercially are difficult to replicate at home so I thought I would try if out and see how I felt after a couple of weeks of use.  My initial thought was that it might be one of those things I used for awhile and when the novelty wore off would just end up on my counter.  Was I wrong.

sodastream in action

My SodaStream is beautiful to look at (yes, thanks Dan for making sure I got the white), looks great on my counter and has made a fan of my husband.  He loves anything ‘hi-tech’ and as soon as I brought home the sleek machine with it’s gas filled canisters, he was hooked.  He unpacked it and put it together in about 2 mins.  No kidding, it took us this long to get it up and running and I was amazed at the results.

machine set up in a snap

The machine makes instantaneous carbonated water with 3 different levels of carbonation.  Check out how easy it is to use and listen to those sound effects – that’s my baby in action.

SodaStream in action

Similar to your very own soda fountain, you can purchase popular brand syrups to add to the carbonated water to create different flavours; lemonade, cola, tonic, pomegranate, etc.  We are not huge pop fans in my home, but we use it all the time to make soda water, and I’ve started to experiment with creating my own flavored syrups.

SodaStream syrups

I took the SodaStream lemonade, ginger ale and my home made Spicy Thai syrup and served them in attractive bottles for the party

Best of all, NO cans or bottles and one canister lasts for about 60L of soda.  It’s also incredibly portable.  It has become the ‘star’ of many backyard BBQ’s of late.

table set

It doesn’t require any hook-ups or wires and works great self-serve style since it’s so easy to use.  I create a little ‘SodaStream’ cocktail station with a few tricks up my sleeve to jazz it up:

1. Lay out a selection of syrups for guests to try.  Here a took Kraft’s Countrystyle Lemonade and Gingerale and served them in a glass bottle.  I also made by own syrup using agave infused with lemon, ginger and thai chiles.
2. Make some fancy ice cubes using different shaped containers and freeze with berries and herbs.

fancy ice cubes
3. Use a selection of herbs to ‘muddle’ with your cocktails; here I used fennel, thyme, pineapple mint and mojito mint.

selection of herbs
4. Lay out a tray with some fancy glasses and tools to shake, muddle and stir your drinks.


SodaStream is always the star of the party, a great conversation starter and a really creative way to get your guests mixing and pouring.  I snapped some pics from my last get together.  It was an afternoon so I set up a virgin station, but add an iced bottle of gin and/or vodka and you have an instant party!

sodastream drinks

setting up your table

10 Responses to “Sodastream: The Life of the Party”

  1. What a fun party you could have with that thing! all your selections look yummy 🙂

    • Nads says:

      Thanks Anne, I think you could add almost anything to the bubbly and it would taste great – the fruit and herbs are just refreshing for summer.

  2. Alex says:

    Love this! I am all game for anything that can make me fizzy bubbles in my drinks.

  3. Christy says:

    I’ve been curious to find out more about this product so reading this was extremely timely! We aren’t big pop drinkers in our house either but this seems like a fun alternative – and easy too. Plus, I love the suggestion of freezing fruit in ice cubes for a refreshing add – might need to pick one up soon!

    • Nads says:

      It really surprised me how much we are using it. And I love that we can make it on the spot with no additives and just add any kind of flavor. Let us know if you pick one up.

  4. Oh that WOULD be totally fun at a party! I love your fancy ice cubes too.

  5. Tia says:

    Looks so refreshing! We have a vintage soda sprayer thing, it looks cool, but leaks a little. This would do a much better job I’m sure.

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