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Spiked Affogato – An Impressive 2 Min Dessert

Posted by Nads on January 18, 2014

spiked affogato dessert

First of all you need to get the name right, just enough to impress.  Affogatto, pronounced Aff-“O”-gat-toe.  If you really desire to impress it’s affogato corretto (core-eh-toe) which means coffee + booze + ice cream which equals


The pronunciation will take you longer to perfect than this recipe.  No joke.  Keep this one up your sleeve.  Give a little thanks to the Ital gods who live by at least one commandment that mandates that all phenomenal desserts include some combination of coffee and booze.  Grazie! (Grr-ah-zee)

spiked affogatto

Remember the 80’s?  Well I’m sure some of you do.  For the rest of you, be a little patient as I am about to share a significant bit of 80’s pop culture with you that may come in handy at your next games night when 80’s trivia is on the table.

I’m reminded of a weeknight, say Wednesday or Thursday night at my local Casey’s, Kelsey’s, Chi Chi’s or Applebee’s where the end of the night was always finished off by a serving of Irish coffee which meant coffee plus some kind of liquor and cream served in a tall fancy glass wrapped in a cloth napkin.  This is a kind of euro riff on that, with a bit of an update.  So fast and easy to put together, your guests will love this twist on coffee apres dinner.  Enjoy!

For each serving:

In an appropriate fancy glass, mug or dessert cup (I’ve even done this in a wine glass, it’s so good that no one will mind)

– dish out 1 scoop of good quality ice cream (I prefer a vanilla base but chocolate will work as well)

– pour 1 shot of espresso over the ice cream

– pour an additional shot of your choice of liquor, I like Frangelico or Cognac, but feel free to use whatever you have on hand

– Garnish with cocoa, chocolate shavings or some crumbled cookies

THAT”S IT!  Enjoy!  Play some Italian music if you like and say ciao and bene a lot.  Give everyone a two sided air kiss while you serve.  You are a hit!!!


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