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Look What the Easter Bunny Brought Me – Everything’s Coming Up Garlic!

Posted by Nads on April 7, 2012


950 heirloom garlic shoots in the garden!

This year Easter weekend at the family cottage was a little bit like Christmas for me.  Instead of the usual snow and cold, I was welcomed with a lot of green  and quite a few flowers too.  Check out these garlic shoots already sprouted a foot high.  Garlic is serious business in this family, and nothing delights more than the promise of 950 garlic plants blooming earlier than expected.  The lack of winter weather these past couple of months has pushed the spring growing schedule forward and there were quite a few surprises waiting for me.  I was able to cook this weekend with fresh parsley, wild fennel, fresh thyme and fresh sage, already growing in abundance in the cottage gardens.  Just like a kid in a candy store, I took stock and I was quick to make an herb based dressing for my salads, an herb paste for my oven baked ribs and chimi churri sauce for a flat iron steak.  YUM! Now with the scent and taste of fresh herbs on my mind, I can’t wait to start planning my own herb garden in the city.  Any recommendations?  Send us your suggestions for special must haves in your garden.



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