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Art Around The Town

Posted by Nads on January 6, 2012

I love this story for so many reasons.

My husband and I have had a serious love affair with NYC ever since he took me there for Valentines Day the first year we were together. I look forward to our yearly trips out to the Big Apple where we spend endless hours just walking around. Literally we just walk, all day, all over. During our last trip on a stroll through Soho, this crochet covered tricycle caught my eye and I snapped a shot. A couple of months later I was looking through my photos and came across it. I started to Google “crochet tricycle” and began to “unravel” (pardon the pun) the story of these randomly placed objects.

This is one of the reasons why I love the internet and the power of social media; a random walk on a random street led me to a great story and allowed me to take part in an active work of art. The elements of discovery and sharing were actually a part of the artist’s work so this wasn’t just a random event. Olek, a Finnish artist, has been gracing many streetscapes with her happy expressions of beauty and has launched several ‘movements’ to boot. Check out her work, her story and find out how a casual snapshot in Soho led me to this artist and her message. So cool!

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