Sunday Morning Espressos

Posted by Dani on April 25, 2013

colourful espresso shot cups
Aren’t these adorable little espresso shot glasses?

I’m envisioning a new family tradition – Sunday morning espressos. I’m thinking that I’ll fire up the stovetop espresso maker late Sunday morning, fill up these little babies, and see if I can get the family to come out of the woodwork to meet at the kitchen island for a mini coffee break. Sounds like a fun idea, don’t you think? Now these bright ideas of mine don’t always work out, but I always like to keep hoping.

This set was a souvenir we picked up from Pylones, the French store known for their colourful and whimsical take on everyday objects. Actually, the girls picked them up for me as a surprise. I love when that happens – they get their dad to pony up the cash for a prezzie, and spoil me with something sweet. They picked out these 4 glasses for me, and an adorable Eiffel tower cellphone charm. Fun!

Eiffel Tower cell phone charm

The glasses have been sitting on my kitchen counter since our trip in March. I’m going to give the new tradition a go this Sunday. And if no one shows up at the kitchen counter, it will be 4 espressos for me. Probably followed by a supercharged, espresso-fueled bout of lecturing the girls about cleaning their rooms. Serves them right for not showing up for the new family tradition!

colourful espresso shot cups


9 Responses to “Sunday Morning Espressos”

  1. haha, I’ll be there, this Sunday? 😉 you made me laugh… you never know they may love espresso Sunday, just have other goodies there too. Very thoughtful of them to get you little gifts, you must be a very special Mom! <3


  2. Those expresso shot glasses are gorgeous! I would love a set too! They would also make great little vases too! Have a lovely weekend! Angie xo

    • Dani says:

      Thanks for dropping by Angie! I love the vase idea – I’m going to have to find some sweet little flowers to put in.

  3. Dani says:

    Thanks for dropping in Angie, and thanks for the little vase suggestion – they would be perfect for a few spring blooms!

  4. Janet says:

    Those are gorgeous!! Great tradition to start. And if you don’t have any takers, I’ll join you! Lol

  5. I love the colourful glasses – how fun are those??

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