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Super Score: Catching a Free Performance of Cirque De Soleil

Posted by Nads on August 14, 2012

First stop on the sister road trip leg of our family vacation was a two night stop over in Quebec City for a little double generation bonding time.  We didn’t really have a specific agenda other than making sure we had our fill of crepes, croissants and great shopping (salami too, but that’s mostly for me).  We ventured out on our first night to find some adventure and were a little intrigued when we came across a large area under a downtown underpass with a lot of lights, murals and tarps surrounded by a big fence.  My spidey sense started to tingle with the promise of a potential find so we went to check it out.  Cirque de Soleil shows are legendary in any circumstance, but we were floored to find out they were giving a free, yes you read correctly, FREE show every night throughout the summer for the general public.  The Pixel Frontier is

the fourth installment in the Les Chemins Invisibles series hosted by the Quebec government.  It is a unique and imaginative performance combining acrobatics, music, dance and multimedia all performed outdoors in a casual setting.  We sat through a stellar performance, locals and tourists around us on a gorgeous summer night.  What an amazing surprise and a fantastic kick off to our trip to boot.




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