Sweet Meringues

Posted by Dani on October 27, 2011

Recently my daughter decided to make meringues. Now, she’s a girl who knows her way around the kitchen, but even for a beginner, meringue is an easy recipe to try. For kids, the best thing is that meringue is easy to form into fun shapes, and no matter how messy they look, they tend to look pretty baked up. We usually use a recipe from Martha Stewart for Pillowy Meringue Hearts, which we often make around Valentines Day. With this recipe, we usually omit the citrus zests and food colouring, and we don’t bother heating the egg whites to dissolve the sugar (it seems to work just fine without this added step). My daughter just dropped the meringue on the baking sheet in mounds with a spoon. Her special touch was creating little spikes with the back of the spoon. Really, she was just playing a little with the meringue, but look at how cute they turned out. It’s a great activity to try with your kids – pretty foolproof, and delicious, too!

3 Responses to “Sweet Meringues”

  1. Alisa says:

    your daughter’s meringues look great. For more Meringue fun, you might want to check out my book (I know…this looks like a shameless plug – but I found your post and honestly just thought you might like to know)

    The book:

  2. Dani says:

    Thanks Alisa. Your book looks gorgeous, seems like a perfect addition to our baking library! I actually was inspired years ago by the French pastry chef Gaston Lenotre to start baking meringues using the recipe for Concord Cake from The Best of Gaston Lenotre’s Desserts – layers of chocolate meringue and chocolate mousse. It was divine and I was hooked on meringue! Good luck with your books and your baking!

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