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Good Bye to Our Exchange Student Elena

It’s a bit of an act of faith as a mother to send your child off into the care of others. I did that last spring when my oldest girl went off to stay with a family in northern Italy. This family took her in and embraced her as one of their own. And recently […]

Are You Watching Euro Cup?

Note: Included at the end is a special study aid to help you learn important things about soccer. Very important. I remember when I first became a soccer fan. It was in 1982 when Italy won the World Cup. My family needed to visit a funeral home at the heart of Toronto’s Little Italy at […]

Hello Baby!

Meet my new bug. She’s denim blue, and she’s really cute. And I say “she” because we decided today that this car is a girl. We had a family vote on the issue where dad got outvoted 5 to 1, since the girls and I were positive the 2 dogs were voting on our side. […]

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