More Tea Please!

Posted by Nads on January 11, 2012

I love finding the perfect gadget or kitchen accessory that does just what I need it to and then sharing that find with everyone I know.  One of my New Year food resolutions is to drink more tea.  Tea has amazing health benefits and is now so trendy that great quality tea is readily available in so many flavours.  I like drinking cold tea almost more than I like to drink it hot, but finding a suitable method to brew tea quickly and in large batches has been quite difficult.  I’ve tried a kettle which is a little small, a pot which is a little messy and a regular pitcher which I’ve cracked.  Then my sister, a big tea drinker, introduced me to the Teaopia tempered glass iced tea pitcher.

It has a large, deep steeping basket that easily makes a 1L batch of tea or can hold double the leaves to make a concentrated batch that can be cut with water later.  Retailing for $30.00, it is a great way to brew large batches which we keep handy in the fridge and drink throughout the day instead of pop or juice.

Teaopia has a fantastic line-up of flavours and blends and I’ve started to experiment with combining several different ones to make up mixtures of my own.  Try them out and send us your own combos so we can share with everyone.

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