Teas Please

Posted by Dani on December 24, 2011

For those of you still looking for last minute gift ideas, here’s another example of the high impact you can make with clever repackaging. Once again, we put together a few items that we found at a reasonable cost in a way that looks high end. We started with a box of nice teas from HomeSense at $12.99. Here’s what we started with:

There’s no problem with the current packaging, but we thought we could do much better. We found a nice decorative box in the clearance section for $12, in colours that perfectly matched our teas. Now, in this case the price of the box is almost as much as the teas themselves, but we felt it added another layer to our gift since it can be used for so many things.

If your budget is lower, you can always look for a low-priced bowl or basket or box – be creative! We filled the box with a strand of purple tinsel garland for sparkle, and we added an adorable white owl ornament to fill out the space.

Finishing with our trusty cellophane wrap and curling ribbon, we’ve created a gift with a huge wow factor – a big improvement over the boxed teas we started with. And all for under $25! Next time you’re looking to make an impression, think about creative ways you can repackage. And don’t forget the cello for a high-impact finish!

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  1. That does look like a lovely gift, I like how you’ve packaged it and I love, love that little owl – woo woo!

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