Teatro in Porto

Posted by Nads on September 18, 2012

We were lucky to get some time to bum around Europe this summer and our first stop was Porto, Portugal. Portugal has been on my bucket list for years.  It seems like the kind of place I might really take to, a little off the Euro beaten path, great food and a lot of coast.

I’m the researcher/planner person in the relationship and one of my favorite things to do is to find our accommodations and try to get them at a fantastic deal to boot. I have a couple of must haves I’m always looking for, basicallysomething a little different or eclectic, something that will add yet another bit of spice to our vacay. Europe was a great place to do this as every city seems jammed with all kinds of accommodations, so I had my pick. Budget is always a consideration, but Portugal was especially reasonable, dollars really went far here.

Our first stop in Porto, Portugal was Hotel Teatro. It was built in a redesigned theatre from the 1800’s, right in the middle of downtown. It is a “dark” concept hotel, quite popular with boutique hotels these days and I must say while dramatic, not one of my favorites. While it looks uber-cool – I can’t tell you how many times I found myself stumbling through curtains to try to find a doorway or a bathroom or our room.  Anyway, it was fun, cool and full of great design.  One interesting note was the focus on brown, bronze and gold throughout the hotel.  Take a peek at the bronze bathroom accessories – they are to die for.  Check out my snaps, I was able to grab some with a flash.

Hint hint: Hotel Teatro is part of the Design chain of hotels , always on my hotlist of hotel collections to visit.  They are often too pricey for us, but I usually check out Mr and Mrs Smith (drool drool) to find some options at unaffordable prices then follow up with a check on booking.com or venere.com to find last minute deals. We were able to get some wicked last minute discounts and ended up staying at several Design hotels for highly discounted prices.  Check these out next time while your trip planning.


amazing lobby

engraved doors read like a piece of art


breakfast room


grab a drink in the lounge


outlook onto the patio


hollywood style lounge


in your room


my bathroom – see where I might have walked into the walls


copper and bronze accessories

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