Tips and Tricks: Purse Protection

Posted by Dani on February 2, 2013

Ever need to spray protect a cute new bag? Concerned about getting spray on delicate non-sprayable parts? Just reach for your trusty painter’s tape.

Recently my youngest went shopping for her first high school semi-formal. My sister Nads, being a bargain find magnet, handled this outing. She helped her find a gorgeous stretch taffeta black dress that fit like a glove, marked way down from the original price. She rounded out the outfit with my daughters’ first heels – cute patent leather teal pumps – and a yellow patent and suede clutch. The shoes were less than half price at Aldo Shoes, and they found the clutch on-line at, for $9.99 down from about $50 or so. So my daughter found her dream outfit for a bargain price, and accomplished this in less than 2 hours. If any of you have a picky teenaged daughter, you can see that this is nothing short of a miracle. Which is exactly why I put my sister in charge – shopping-wise, Nads delivers miracles.

Purse protection is where I came in. The front flap of the cute bright yellow clutch was made of suede, which would pick up dirt too easily without spray protection. But the rest of it was patent leather, which would be damaged by the spray. This was serious – if I messed up the new purse, we’d have a full-on 14-year-old meltdown. And that can be big – 14-year-old broken hearts run deep.

Luckily, the lovely folks at Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape sent me some samples recently. I would have never thought of using painter’s tape, but it was easy to apply, gentle on the leather, and left no sticky residue – the perfect solution.

I masked off the patent leather areas, taping on some foil to cover the back, and then went to town with the spray. The whole thing took about 3 minutes. And voilà, a teenager-proof clutch!

This has inspired me to get busy tomorrow scotch-guarding a new chair that has wooden parts that will need to be masked off. Painter’s tape – who knew?



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