Top Movie Lists: Sports Movies

Posted by Dani on November 22, 2012

Our family bonds over sports movies.

For a person who has not played many organized sports in her life, and who can barely follow the action at the annual Super Bowl party we attend, I have an intense love of sports movies that I share with the rest of my family. Don’t know why – I guess it’s the intensity, the drama, the thrill of victory, agony of defeat, etc etc. I especially love it when the underdogs come out ahead in the end. I’m very sappy that way.

Now we love getting into some of the bigger real-life sports events the same way, like we did last summer with the Euro Cup. But with movies, the action is on-demand. So anytime we need some inspirational drama, we grab some snacks and hit the giant family couch.

Our two favourites by a long shot are Remember the Titans and The Replacements. Every so often we feel the need to watch Keanu Reeves and his boys dance to We Will Survive. And we also get the lasting benefit of learning football wisdom from fabulous quotable lines like “Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever.” You’d be surprised how often that line comes up in our house. Plus these get bonus points because you get to see football players sing and dance in both movies. That’s always fun.

So, here’s our list of favourite sports movies. First up, the Hall of Fame:

1. The Replacements
2. Remember The Titans

Special mention goes to Score: A Hockey Musical. This gets top marks in our books and is awarded its own category for several reasons:

1. It’s Canadian
2. It’s a hockey musical for crying out loud.
3. With a plot about a pacifist, anti-competitive hockey genius, and incredibly goofy song lyrics, you can’t help but laugh.
4. There are cameos by all kinds of great Canadians, like George Stroumboulopoulos, Nelly Furtado, Hawksley Workman, and Walter Gretzky. They actually cut out a scene that starred Margaret Atwood, Dan Hill, and Eddie Shack!
5. The arena manifesto is “Hockey is Air. Hockey is Water. Hockey is Life.” Obviously they understand our national game.
6. It’s filled with people wearing jerseys, toques, jackets, and woolies – key Canadian fashion pieces.
7. They manage to rhyme Zamboni with baloney. Nuff said.

After those three, here’s our Top Ten, in no particular order:

1. Jerry Maguire
2. The Blind Side
3. We Are Marshall
4. Hoosiers
5. Cool Runnings
6. Secretariat
7. Bend It Like Beckham
8. The Karate Kid
9. Dodgeball
10. Friday Night Lights

And here’s what’s left on our To Watch list:

1. Rudy
2. Invincible
3. Brian’s Song
4. Heaven Can Wait
5. Chariots of Fire
6. Hoop Dreams
7. Field Of Dreams
8. Rocky
9. Glory Road
10. Million Dollar Baby
11. Men With Brooms
12. DogTown And Z-Boys
13. Seabiscuit
14. Bull Durham
15. Breaking Away

Got any favourites to add to our list? Let us know, we’re always looking for good movie leads!


2 Responses to “Top Movie Lists: Sports Movies”

  1. robin says:

    Rudy is THE best movie.. cant watch it without cryin’… prioritize that one to see.

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