Get Toronto Symphony’s New Creations Festival Deal

Posted by Nads on March 1, 2012

Toronto is a fabulous city to experience the arts; theatre, musicals, opera, symphony, live music, it has it all and we love to occasionally head out on the town to a new show or performance.  What I don’t enjoy, is that most often a night out to experience the arts comes with a hefty price tag.  It seems a little steep to pay hundreds of dollars to experience a live version of a play or musical performance.  We pick and choose our favourites every year but I would gladly head out way more often if there was a more economical opportunity.  There is nothing more that I love to come across than a deal or an offer that makes the arts more accessible to the general public, myself included.  So I literally fell off my chair today when I came across an ad in this week’s NOW magazine announcing a deal offered by the Toronto Symphony for the New Creations Festival starting tonight.  For a mere $10, you could get a seat at one of the three performances over the next week through the TSO’s special web offers page.

This year, the TSO has invited renowned Hungarian conductor and composer Peter Eötvös to curate the Festival with a focus on performances that showcase both European and New World compositions.  What a fabulous score!  We’ll be heading out to the Con Brio performance on Saturday night, hoping you can make it too.

Click here to find out more information on the Festival and here for the web offers page (use the promo code NEW).  Click here to read a fantastic article published in the Globe yesterday on Peter Eötvös.

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